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Guinevere (Gwinnie), Shop Greeter

"Like Kripalu close to home."~ Nancy G., happy customer!

Sara Merrick-Albano, Certified Yoga Instructor

Sara is a 200 hour registered yoga teacher. She started taking yoga classes in high school and soon realized its benefits of stretching the body and calming the mind extend beyond the mat and into our relationships with ourselves and with others. She graduated college with a degree in geology and currently works in manufacturing. In her spare time, Sara enjoys hiking, looking for interesting rocks, cooking, and being by the ocean.

Janine Mangiamele, Certified Yoga Instructor

Janine has been teaching yoga for over 10 years and has more than 30 years of personal practice. She instructs all levels of students; from new students to advanced and from teens to seniors. Students are given modifications throughout class to adapt to their bodies and any health challenges. She believes that the practice and health benefits of yoga are for everyone, regardless of their age and fitness level. She has a 200 hour yoga teacher training certification from Lotus Gardens Yoga.

Vinyasa Stretch & Meditate: Treat yourself to a gentle yoga class to help prepare you for your day. The class will include gentle stretching, focusing on every joint in the body. Time will be taken at the beginning and end of class for reflection and meditation.

Gentle Yoga: This class is suitable for all ages: for those newer to yoga or for those with more experience. It is a gentle but total body workout for those wanting a slower, more mindful practice. Breath and movement unite and open your body to release tension, calm your mind, and renew energy. Modifications are given throughout each class.

Yoga Basics:Here we will explore basic yoga poses, foundational postures and the body-breath connection. This class is a wonderful introduction to yoga for new students and a great way for seasoned yogis to reconnect with the bare essentials of their practice.

Cosmic Vinyasa: Cosmic Vinyasa Shakti Yoga is to strengthen the relationship between your Energetic Anatomy and your Physical Body. Through breath, movement, meditation, & kirtan you will energize your body, detox & empower the mind, remove karmic density, raise your consciousness, and gain inspiration & tools to live at your highest potential. No experience necessary.

Vinyasa Flow: In this class, we will flow from one posture to another, pairing breath and movement. This class is aimed at strengthening the body, increasing flexibility and calming the mind. A great class for all levels from the beginner to the advanced practitioner. Leave feeling strong, warm and peaceful.

Cardio-Core-Play-Curcuit : A fitness fusion workout. 60 minutes of standing core work, muscle endurance, strength, flexibility and functional fitness training using light weights, bands, and simple fitness equipment using a circuit/interval training workout format. Burn calories, get stronger and have fun improving your physical fitness.

Strength Flow: A rhythmic flow of poses that focus on building strength and flexibility. This is a more energizing class; students are encouraged to adapt to their fitness levels. Modifications are given throughout the class. A basic knowledge of yoga poses is recommended.

Good Morning Vinyasa: The excitement of getting poses just right, using your breath to truly feel the stretch, and noticeably improving your strength & posture. A mixed level class.

Basic Hatha Flow: This 60 minute practice implements a variety of the 84 Essential Yoga poses great for mindfulness, stress reduction, and relaxation - leaving you feeling aware, uplifted, and empowered! Starts with grounding and centering breathing techniques and finishes with meditation/stillness. No experience necessary!

Terri Hale, Certified Yoga Instructor

Terri is a 200 hour certified yoga instructor. She teaches math and science at Chase Collegiate School in Waterbury and is a wife, and mother of two grown boys as well as a two year old rescue pup named Isabel. Terri began taking yoga classes as a college student. After a short respite while raising her children, she realized the importance of taking time for herself and began to practice more regularly. She has first hand, experienced the benefits of a regular yoga practice and believes that everyone can reap those benefits.    
During the summer, Terri enjoys the time she spends with her family, reading, spending time in her vegetable garden and hiking. Terri is excited to be teaching two Sunday morning classes at the Ruby Tree!

Yoga Teacher

Independent 200 HR Training!


Kim Johnson,Certified Yoga Instructor
I went to my first yoga class in February 2016 with my best friend, not knowing what to expect or what yoga really was, I remember feeling nervous and anxious, but I had always wanted try yoga.  The teacher was Jimmy Serra, he was very kind, warm and reassuring, he made me feel welcome and at ease.  I kept going back every week and soon I was practicing yoga everyday!  It didn't take long for me to find that connection to the breath and once I connected into the breath I made that body, mind, spirit connection and THAT is what had been missing all my life.  The more I practiced, the more I began to figure out who I am and began to let go of anxiety, over thinking, self doubt and insecurities, I have stepped way out of my comfort zone and in doing so I am feeling grounded and centered and I am finding peace and happiness within.  Jimmy took me under his wing and has helped me in so many ways, I am forever grateful to him and his classes.  In February 2017 I began Yoga Teacher Training at The Om Center in Watertown and received my 200 HR RYT.
Yoga is my passion and I truly believe the breath is such a power tool and change so much, I love teaching yoga, I find it extremely rewarding seeing students make that body, mind, spirit connection and to help guide a student through their practice is an honor to me.
I live in Watertown with my husband, our 3 kids and our dog Sophie.  I live an Ayurvedic lifestyle and maintain my own personal practice, I love cooking, taking a variety of fitness classes, hiking, spending time with my family and I love eating organic healthy food.

Lisa Zembruski,Certified Yoga Instructor

Lisa has been practicing yoga for over 25 years. She first began at Woodbury Yoga Center falling in love with the physical benefits immediately. Through exploration she continued her passion for learning by studying various types of yoga including, Hatha, Baptiste, Vinyasa flow, Bikram, Kundalini, and Iyengar. After discovering the spiritual side of yoga, she was excited to begin a new journey and left public school teaching for more than 20 years to pursue her passion and love of yoga. Along with her 200 RYT hour training from Buddhi Mat Power Yoga, she has attended Baron Baptiste 100 hour boot camp and the Art of Assisting. She continues to attend workshops and trainings with Baron Baptiste, Bryan Kest, Rachel Brathen, Lara Ward, Meghan Currie, Seane Corne, Shiva Rea, Kino MacGregor, Desiree Rumbaugh, and Master Sadhana Dharma Mittra. She has attended Several Yoga journal live conferences expanding to lead her on the path to her 500 hour RYT. Her depth of knowledge continues to grow on multiple levels, including teaching meditation, core power, Baptiste Power Vinyasa, offering yoga for all ages including children, teens, and senior citizens. She has specialized in group and couples yoga, Sup yoga, yoga for cancer patients in rehabilitation facilities, hospitals, schools, and resorts all over the world. She teaches yoga for Fit bodies inc and recently has worked with celebrities like Tommy Lee, Desperate Housewives of NYC, and professional sporting teams. Yoga has made her more courageous, caring, spiritual and kind especially to herself. She has learned the true meaning of peace, compassion, kindness and love. Her greatest passion is helping others find their true inner self. She is an avid athlete and yogi. She continues to live her life based on The Magic, The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, and the Yamas and the Niyamas, by practicing peace, love, kindness, Asteya - non-stealing from herself or others, compassion and gratitude each and every day.

DeAnne Gauya, Certified Yoga Instructor



Susan Labeck,Certified Yoga Instructor

Sue is a 200 hour certified Yoga teacher. She found strength, flexibility and energy in the poses and asanas early on. In more recent years, she discovered the calming and centering benefits of the breath work and meditation. Sue looks to share all these benefits of Yoga to others.

Dana Salvador, Certified Yoga Instructor

Elgin Wayne,Certified Yoga Instructor

Elgin is a 200hr certified yoga instructor and practitioner who has been blessed by Swamis, Yogis and spiritual gurus worldwide. He studied at the Nepal Yoga Academy under the guidance of Guruji Dr. Chintimani Gautam. Sharing Nepal's traditional Sanatan (classical) Yoga, Elgin translates the Western world Himalayan culture (where yoga originated) and Ancient Yogic Sciences to the forefront of his class. Being an international recording and performing artist, he also has a beloved interest in Mantra chant, which is featured throughout his uplifting sessions that harmonize you with the spirit of traditional Himalayan yoga and meditation. He encourages ways in which each practitioner increases their flexibility physically, emotionally, and mentally, on and off of their yoga mat.