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AromaTouch Session

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Christina M. Boisits-O'Keefe, MS, CN, OM
Owner of The Ruby Tree

Clinical Nutritionist, Usui/Celtic/Crystal Reiki Master Teacher,

Shamanic Practitioner, AromaTouch® certified
Working in the wellness arena since 2000, my education, experience and spiritual journey has combined to bring a calming, grounding force to my clients. Focusing on holistic modalities that can work individually and synergistically, I have found that when my clients regularly de-stress and heal energetically through Reiki, they can better process and follow a healthier nutritional lifestyle. Often, we have negative emotions connected to our eating providing clients with the tools to become healthier on several levels, I have increased the health-care I can provide, lessening dis-ease. I often combine modalities to bring clients exactly what they need at that moment; whether it be a whole food cleanse to improve eating habits, improve health and to lose weight; an essential oil application to bring relaxation, to soothe and uplift; Reiki (for both people & our animal companions) to balance the chakras and energy field, to aid the body's coping and healing abilities, etc.; an individual Reiki class to pass along this amazing healing modality; or shamanic healing to peel through those onion layers we hide and reside behind...I love to share the wealth of knowledge and experience I have acquired, and enjoy adding to that base for both my own well being, and yours! I am currently working on a Certified Aromatherapist program, as well as additional Shamanic training. A forever student is what I will be!
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Tues, Wed 11-6 pm

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Saturday 10-4 pm

Mon & Sun- Closed


Daily Yoga Classes

Healing Schedule is 7 days a week per schedule & appointment.

"Like Kripalu close to home."~ Nancy G., happy customer!

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