Sachin Hazen, Therapist, Teacher, Healer, Intuitive using essential oils

From an early age, I was able to “know” things. My journey since then has included over 40 years of yoga and meditation, academic honors, a career in high tech, and now I’m an holistic psychotherapist and spiritual teacher. [See]
After my mother passed five years ago, I started spending more and more time in the next dimension. I also developed a knowledge of essential oils, especially their use in emotional, psychological, and spiritual healing. I was guided to begin offering intuitive readings based on an understanding of the essences of the plant and tree kingdoms. These oils are medicine in the form of concentrated consciousness. During an actual session I lead the client into a state of altered awareness - where access is provided to intuition, and information from other dimensions becomes available. My readings focus on emotionality, life issues, personal growth, and spiritual development. I am guided by Divine Intelligence from Source, the One Heart.

(808) 495-5837

Pina Martello "Lady of the Light",Oracle Psychic Medium

Blessed as a child with many gifts, Pina does Angelic Readings. She follows her spiritual path through this life using her gifts as an Oracle Psychic Medium to help and advise others. Pina is a Psychic Consultant with the Connecticut Paranormal Research Society and travels between New York and Connecticut where she has an established clientele. Pina has worked at Magical Realms in NY, Purple Moon in CT, Mystical Energy in NY, Trinity Productions in CT, and currently reads at The Ruby Tree and Talisman in CT. Pina also joins forces with Barbara DeLong to conduct mediumship platforms.

Denise Ann Watson, Psychic Medium & Tarot Reader

Open up to greater possibilities through a positive, insightful, and meaningful experience into your conscious and unconscious circumstances.

Denise is a talented intuitive, psychic medium and tarot reader. As a twin, her intuitive gifts were evident at an early age. She has been reading Celtic Tarot for over 20 years and continues to develop her mediumship abilities as part of her readings.

In addition to spiritual work, Denise is a successful transformational coach and owner of a photography and public relations business, Ardent Image Designs. Her focus aims at creating a positive image- personally and professionally. It's the ardent transformational experiences she feels very deeply about and incorporates into her readings in an effort to encourage and inspire people to find successful and meaningful lives.

Readings happen often at the Shop...

There is a daily reading schedule, and then there is the monthly Mystical Market and the quarterly Meet The Psychics fair. The daily readers are posted on the calendar page, as well as on Facebook. Keep in mind, that readings are meant to offer life guidance and entertainment, not a replacement for the need of professional medical or emotional help. Walk-ins are welcome, appointments are recommended for 30 minute or longer readings.

Call the shop at 203-586-1655 or email to schedule.

Sharon Robbins-Burr, Intuitive and Tarot Reader

A natural intuitive.

I practice Reiki, Tarot and Energy Balancing; am a certified CranioSacral practitioner.

I find my passion and joy in helping others...
I offer gentle guidance, encouragement, awareness in an uplifting, motivational way.
I invite you to connect with me and see what our guides and angels have to say.

Angela DuPree,Medium

"My journey into Mediumship has been a life changing experience in more ways I could have imagined. As a child, I was always aware of spirit activity where we lived but didn't really pay attention to it. Everything changed after the passing of my Mother in 1997. I began reading tarot cards soon after to help make sense of the energies I was picking up on. After a visit to Lilydale in Upstate NY in 2001, I was amazed at the demonstrations of talented Mediums and decided to study with the Trilogy Institute in NY. One part of this course was to demonstrate my mediumship skills to a public group and to be evaluated by others. For me, being a Medium is always a healing experience: for my clients its an opportunity to hear validation of our loved ones transition to the other side, and for those in spirit it is a chance to make amends or to comfort those here who miss them. By allowing messages to be communicated we all benefit and grow in this lifetime and possibly the next one. My messages are focused on verifying your loved ones presence in your life, how they transitioned and what they want to share with you today!"

Susan Cooper, Psychic Susan

"I’ve been doing “readings” for about 50 years. Taught the basics by my mother, the late, great, Tracie Chappell, when I was age 12.
I started with palmistry (or cheiromancy), then learned how to read regular playing cards.
At age 15, after having a severe near-death-experience, I eventually became more in tune with the spirit world.
I became known by word of mouth, but in the 90s, was one of original psychics with the Dionne Warwick Psychic Friends Network (for 5 years), then got in with some local groups, including The Astrological Society of CT.  I am available for parties, phone readings or in-person. I call what I do The Psychic Express."

Celeste Lamarre-Vernale, Intuitive Psychic Medium

Hello, my name is Celeste, and yes it’s my real name.  I had a near death experience at eight years old and after being told I had to come back and fulfill my path so here I am.  I have been doing readings off and on since I was eight years old.  I have learned to read with no filters and bring forward anyone who wants to speak from the multi energetic realms.  I can communicate with deceased individuals, guides, angels, pets both deceased and living, and even your ascended masters.  I do not promise to connect to one over another as I believe they know who and what is best for you.  Messages usually include validation of who I am talking to, validation of where you are in life right now and an appropriate path to take moving forward.  All messages are delivered with honesty and directness.  Many leave my chair saying they felt so much peace and calm.  My goal is to bring the best for you in each reading.  I love and appreciate every person that spirit guides to my circle for readings.  I do both private and gallery events in peoples homes.  Thank you for letting me read for you.  (860) 770-8997

Gene Morgan, Psychic

From a family of readers, Gene is a second generation Psychic. He has been reading for many years and has developed a strong ability. Gene has been reading throughout NY and areas of Connecticut, following in the footsteps of his late mother Louise. Possessing Clairalience or also known as Clear-Smelling as well as being able to pick up energies from pictures and objects at times, his readings often give great insight, and are intended to help people.


Diane Harrington, Medium, Empath, Diviner, Stone Sortiledge, Shadowscapes, Tarot

I’ve always known that there was something much deeper to life. As a child I had my first experience with the spiritual world from a relative who had passed on. He visited me to guide me to my life's purpose. As a teenager my abilities started to open up, always knowing there was more to what I was living, but I paused my journey for many years until one night I had a dream that I knew what the meaning of life was and in my dream I knew the answer, but when I woke up I no longer knew the meaning. From that moment on I have been on a journey of self-discovery and what my life's purpose is… 
I am a medium who utilizes Tarot and sortilege (stone castings) to divine (shed light) in the areas of one’s life in which there might be some confusion. This clarity will aid in making important life choices.

CJ, Inspirational Tarot Guide

"I would like to introduce myself to you, as I am pleased to meet and greet you. I have been complimented on my gentleness, warmth and compassionate approach to tarot. A good listener with a natural way of connecting on a one on one basis with cooperativeness and inquires participation through tarot and pendulum readings. I do enjoy math and puzzles, so I love to figure how to gather information through tarot to get the very best reading for my clients. Previously, I was a dental assistant for 28 years."

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Janine Mangiamele,Intuitive Medium
Janine is a psychic medium and a yoga instructor. She has an avid interest in metaphysics that began over forty years ago; with experiences in clairvoyance, clairaudience, and clairsentience. Over the years, her abilities have expanded into giving medium readings for groups and individuals. She has also taught workshops on connecting to your intuition.  (203) 313-0816

Mary Lisa Lineberry, Psychic Medium, Channeler, Oracle Reader
Mary Lisa first became aware of her gifts when as a little girl, injured animals would literally flock to her for
healing. She intuitively knew and recognized elements from mother nature that were immediately available
which sped up their recovery. It was at this time, around the age of five, that she began to commune and converse with the dead. Their presence was so normal to her that it was not until the age of ten or eleven that she began to understand these were souls that had crossed through the veil. Also among them were her guides who looked out for Mary Lisa, helping to keep her out of danger and away from harm. They became some of her dearest friends.

In her early teens she noticed that adults who she could sense were suffering physically or spiritually, were drawn to her healing energy and seemed to benefit just from being near her. In her mid-teens she began giving readings to friends and family. This progressed to giving readings to select clients. Eventually she gave guidance to professionals concerning their business partners, employees, and business decisions.
She also got involved with cleansing properties, homes, and individuals effected by negative energies. A friend guided her to the Association for Research and Enlightenment (A.R.E of Virginia Beach), where she became dedicated to the principles of Edgar Cayce (the sleeping prophet). He espoused healing through drugless therapy, curing causes of illness rather than managing symptoms.

Living in one’s Truth is perhaps the simplest measure of an evolved soul. It is in this endeavor that all healing begins. This is the core principle that has guided Mary Lisa throughout her life. Shining a light for others back to this path, marks her greatest desire.

Guinevere (Gwinnie), Shop Greeter


Tues, Wed 11-6 pm

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Saturday 10-4 pm

Mon & Sun- Closed


Daily Yoga Classes

Healing Schedule is 7 days a week per schedule & appointment.

"Like Kripalu close to home."~ Nancy G., happy customer!

Sue Royle, Medium, Medical Intuitive & Psychometrist

Since childhood I have been in touch with my Psychic/Mediumship abilities. Through life experiences I have developed and furthered these abilities which include but not limited to conversation with spirit/loved ones, medical intuition, psychometry, relationship guidance, and career guidance. I worked in healthcare for many years as one of my greatest passions has been in the helping and healing of others. I enjoy and take pride in being able to share my gift. Each reading is specific for the individual and delivered with compassion.

Kitty Dyke,Certified Angel Card Reader®, AromaTouch® Technician, Ordained Minister with The Universal Life Church, Essential Oil Educator, Jewelry Designer

Kitty is a natural, empathic healer who is clairsentient and claircognizant. She has been doing angel oracle card readings since 1999. Kitty became certified through Doreen Virtue's Certified Angel Card Reader Course. Since then, essential oils were introduced into her life, and she quickly learned and experienced the incredible benefits and how others could benefit by them through her healing readings.

Being a Reiki practitioner, incorporating essential oils, using her intuitive feeling, guidance and compassion, an energy comes through her with a message of positivity that is warm and encouraging. Kitty can help you uncover and address emotional blocks to assist you in moving forward on your journey. This is truly a healing experience, empowering you by shining a light on the answers that your soul already knows. 
#spreadingpeaceandlovewiththeangels  (203) 297-5599