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Daily Yoga Classes

Healing Schedule is 7 days a week per schedule & appointment.

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Guinevere (Gwinnie), Shop Greeter

Magickal goodies such as wands, prayer or pocket altar boxes, cauldrons, incense censers, mortar & pestels, chalices, beautiful journals for your Book of Shadows, tarot & oracle cards...

Our Magickal Wares

Sacred Smudge Spray

Gorgeous handmade dresses, bloomers, tutus & more!

Ruby Tree Baby

A selection of candles with scents to please your senses; those charged with blessings and affirmations, and unscented votives for those sensitive noses out there. Incense, smudgesticks, essential oils, accessories & more.

Candles, Incense, Oils & More

An amazing way to energetically cleanse yourself and your space. Made & refilled in love and light by Christina.

Whether your interests are into sound healing, drum meditation or journeying, joining in a drum circle, or simple relaxation, our selection can help you get going. We have an assortment of singing bowls, rain sticks, chimes & more.

"Like Kripalu close to home."~ Nancy G., happy customer!

Singing Bowls & More

Rocks & Crystals

Praying cats, meditating frogs,

Kuan Yin, Buddha, Ganesha, etc. in different sizes, finishes & more.

Witchy Wares

Altar & Garden Statuary

Local Artisan Goods

We are so lucky to have jewels from Honey Tribe Jewelry (from Maine, but with Southbury roots!), Judith Bird Art, Gemini Dream, Divinely Inspired, The Organic Nest, The Artist's Path, and more local Connecticut artisans.

A selection of stones in various sizes and shapes...tumbled, raw, spheres, pyramids, wands, selenite charger plates, crystal skulls, fluorite octohedrons, agate slices, jewelry & more!