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Guinevere (Gwinnie), Shop Greeter

"Like Kripalu close to home."~ Nancy G., happy customer!

Christina M. Boisits-O'Keefe, MS, CN, OM 

Owner of The Ruby Tree

My Intention in opening The Ruby Tree was to bring healing, greater understanding of our spiritual selves, and tools and services to aid us on our individual journeys to those in need. I have been arduously working on my own spiritual development going on 17 years now, and the opening of The Ruby Tree has been a huge dream come to fruition. To see people enter the door, take a deep breath, and watch their shoulders makes my heart soar! To see people feel comfortable enough to just take a seat on the ruby red sofa, pet the kitty and get all googly-eyed with girls, Fiona and lil' Eva...

that is what I love.

I welcome you all to visit, take yoga classes and workshops, have healing sessions, shop, and yes, to simply hang out. Find the right gift for your loved one, the perfect crystal or blessed candle for your needs, and remember that we also offer complimentary gift wrapping!

I want your Ruby Tree experience to be memorable, and I intend on continuing to bring in new goodies; new classes, new artisans, speakers and holistic modalities to increase the peace and calm in our little part of the world.

To learn about what I do in my private practice as a holistic practitioner, 

visit Heal With Christina.

Blessed Be!


Tues, Wed 11-6 pm

Thurs 11-6 pm

Fri 12-8 pm

Saturday 10-4 pm

Mon & Sun- Closed


Daily Yoga Classes

Healing Schedule is 7 days a week per schedule & appointment.